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Christian Depression Treatment

Christian Depression Treatment

A Place of Hope Heals Depression Through God-Focused Christian Depression Treatment

Our Christian depression treatment center can help you break free from the devastating affects clinical depression can have on one’s life. If you are no longer able to function or deal with the issues you are facing on your own, seeking counseling for depression may be the best move you ever make. A Place of Hope’s Center for Counseling and Health Resources is a Christian treatment center in that we acknowledge the role your faith plays in your every day life, and the role that it will play in your recovery. Our whole-person approach and faith in God’s grace have helped countless others recover from depression, and we can help you as well.
Our Christian residential treatment center invites you to imagine how much better you’ll feel one the symptoms of depression are no longer a part of your life. These symptoms include:

  • Feelings of restlessness, fatigue, irritability or impatience
  • Feeling overwhelmed and overburdened by the activities of everyday life
  • A fear of expressing strong emotions
  • Anxiety and fear about the future
  • Isolation from family and friends
  • A lack of spiritual peace or well-being

The Center’s counseling services address the issues at play in your mind, body and spirit. It may be that you feel more comfortable seeking your recovery in a Christian treatment rehabilitation facility. Or perhaps you’re intrigued by our whole-person approach to recovery. Whatever the case, The Center would welcome you with open arms and provide a supportive, compassionate environment in which to make substantial changes in your life.
A Place of Hope’s Christian depression treatment center would like to help you to find peace in your life, and do so with your faith as a centerpiece of your recovery.
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“I sensed that they were intensely aware of my pain, and they responded with compassion and understanding.  There was no cold, clinical approach.”

“When I've had a tough time I can walk in here and my spirit just calms down.  It is a very serene atmosphere.”

“My counseling team was the best ever.  My primary counselor was a perfect fit and I loved her.  The other ones were awesome as well.”