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Christian Therapy

What about Christian-based therapy makes it more effective than a secular approach?

Christian TherapyChristian Therapy

By Christian therapy, we’re talking about our willingness to explore the spiritual aspect of your being and how it relates to your recovery. This is an area many non-Christian counseling centers choose not to venture into. The spiritual aspect is but one aspect of our whole-person approach, which also includes the emotional, physical, intellectual, relational and nutritional issues at play. As a Christian, your counseling services should be reflected in the PTSD treatment, OCD treatment, depression help, treatment for addiction or eating disorder treatment you receive. What is most important to note is that we address every client as the individual they are. We’ll take the time to get to know who you are and what is happening in your world. Our ability to treat the individual through our comprehensive whole-person approach is certain to serve you well.

When you join us at our all-inclusive Christian counseling center you’ll be amazed at the safe and supportive feel of the environment you enter into. We have spent well over two decades offering unique, innovative and specialized treatment programs for those battling addictions, depression, eating disorders, emotional and sexual abuse and more.

  • We have comprised a staff to address every aspect of your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being
  • Individual and group treatments
  • Work with Christian therapy professionals who value your faith
  • Find an atmosphere of acceptance in which you are encouraged to be yourself and say what is on your mind
  • We offer a variety of housing options
  • We accept most forms of insurance

The type of all-inclusive care you’ll receive at A Place of Hope is designed to allow you to focus specifically on your recovery. If you’ve been searching for a Christian therapy facility that allows you to connect your spirituality to your recovery we can help. Don’t spend another day doubting God’s love for you and punishing yourself for the road you’ve gone down and the issues you’ve struggled with. Every day offers a chance at renewal, and our treatment facility offers the hope that healing is possible because we see it every day.

Knowledge is power, so call today to learn more about A Place of Hope and the Christian counseling services and treatment programs we offer. We offer help for depression, PTSD treatment and counseling for a host of other issues as well. We hope you’ll join us in an environment ripe for healing, and discover the keys to a lasting recovery and a new lease on life.