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Female, 19

Thank you for all the hard work and support throughout the program. I truly am going to miss the whole team and I couldn’t have been more blessed by this place. The work that is being done here in wonderful and I will keep each of you in my heart and my...

Female, 45

I wish I could bring to Ecuador all that you have here!! The unconditional love and care that you make everyone feel, that is just incredible. Love you all and may God Bless you all and Bless what you all do here.

Female, 50

I believe I’ve learned more here in four weeks than I’ve ever learned in the over 25 years of therapy I’ve been in. I just want to thank everyone from the cleaners of the center to the cleaners of our housing unit and everyone in between. Thank you Dr. Jantz for...

Female, 45

On a spiritual level, the staff so encouraged me, turning me back to God for my needs again and again and helping me to find compassion for myself by showing me in scripture where others struggled, even Jesus did and he showed us how to overcome.