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Bernard, 59 – Male

I was somewhat anxious about the religious aspect before coming, but if there was ever a positive example of Christianity, The Center is it. While I’m not a believer, I know it’s no longer something I need to be wary of. I was treated with the utmost respect the...

Doris, 52 – Female

I am forever grateful and excited to go home to a new life and my husband is excited we both feel our marriage has been restored and are looking forward to a new journey together…we are praying out loud together now…something we have never done in 26 years...

Female, 31

Wow…where to begin… The staff and pastors, all of my team have been so incredibly helpful. So many instances where I have really had moments of clarity and understanding. Without them, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to get to where I am at now. They truly were...

Mary, 41 – Female

The Center has been an answer to my prayers. God bless you all in your endeavors as you truly are “Jesus with skin” to those of us who need it Thank you!

Ron, 61 – Male

The classes dealing in spirituality were particularly good. I thank God for this facility and the great team that has been assembled. What a great ministry!!