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I am close to tears when I think about how broken I was when I came here. I am leaving with a sincere sense that I can do this. I am good enough, important enough, and worth all the love that I can muster for myself. I have a different appreciation for the people in my life, as well as a better connection to God, who is the reason that I am so wonderfully imperfectly perfect. I now have faith that he has a great plan for me, and I have only believe and love myself to know what that plan is. I never thought I would leave here with such a feeling of grace. This was my little piece of heaven, and now I get to go back to my reality on earth and spread some of my new-found love of life. I cannot be more grateful that Dr. Janz created this place, as part of His divine plan for him. There would be many more lost souls in the world without this place.