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Losing weight permanently requires a permanent resolution to the underlying uses of the past and present that cause people to use food as a crutch, and also cause their bodies to store nutrients as fat. However, people can’t always do this in their own strength, and no one can do it overnight. Each person needs the strong, yet gentle, support and encouragement of others. The Apostle Paul writes to the church at Philippi in 4:13, “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”

Our heavenly Father made us in his own image and that means we were created beautiful whether we see ourselves as attractive or not. When others reject us, God loves us. When we feel bad about ourselves because of our outward appearances, God continues to respect us, care about us, and regard us as his children.

God created you for a reason: to grow you into the loving, caring person he designed you to be. With God’s help and determined effort, you can realign with your core beliefs: health, balance, personal growth, forgiveness, and self-love. These are the hallmark feelings of those who lose weight permanently.

In order to jumpstart this process, you need to first take a leap of faith. You must jump off the metaphorical high dive and lean into healing. The more high dives you take, and the more willing you are to accept assistance from those who care deeply about you, the faster you will rebuilt the self-confidence and self-esteem that God has already given you. There is nothing wrong with you. You are not defective. You just need to change the oil, tune the engine, and get back in the driver’s seat.

People who lose weight permanently back off from insipid conventional wisdom because they’ve learned it is nonsense. They quit grazing in the diet aisle of the local bookstore. They turn the page fast when they come across a diet ad in a magazine. They change the channel immediately when a paid celebrity spokesperson speaks of the miraculous results of the latest, greatest, most foolproof weight-loss program in history. They learn to become more decisive, more selective, and more in tune with themselves. They decide to face their worst fears because they know it is the only way they will ever address their deepest pain. And most importantly, they turn to God and surrender this process to Him.

You can lose weight permanently and be among the two percent who succeed, and this great venture can start today. And our team at The Center • A Place of HOPE can help. If you believe you or someone you love is in need of recovery and weight loss support, fill out this form or call 1-888-747-5592 to speak confidentially with a specialist today.