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Anxieties scream that the worst that could happen will. They are firmly rooted n the negative, in the pessimistic. The world of worry is a glass that is perpetually not only half empty but also draining out all the time. In such a world, there is little room or ability to perceive a concept as astonishingly optimistic and positive as grace. Grace is a world of amazing abundance that is given as a gift and not as a result of works (Rom. 11). You can’t lose grace; you can only reject it.

As you continue to work through overcoming your fears, taming your anxieties, and deflating your worries, allow God—his love, his promises, and his grace—to fill up all those created vacancies. As you turn away from your relationship with your fears, turn toward a deeper and stronger relationship with God. Instead of filling your mind with the content of your concerns, fill it with the promises and passionate love of your heavenly Father.

Changing from a life devoted to anxieties, pessimism, and distrust to a life devoted to optimism, hope and joy takes time and effort. It is a journey from the dark into the light. This journey is a familiar one that began on the very first day. Genesis 1:5 says, “And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.” Your life of fear and darkness is designed by God to move to a life of hope and light. So don’t give up when things seem dark; you just haven’t reached God’s promised dawn yet. Keep moving, keep hoping, keep believing, keep choosing to trust and put your faith in God. As you do, you’ll begin to notice your world lightening around the edges with the emergence of a glorious morning.

I challenge you to get to know God better. Think of all the time, energy, and resources you have devoted to thinking about, worrying about, examining, and fighting against your anxieties and fears. Turn that time over to God, to getting to know him, to reading his Word, to prayer, to meditating on his character and divine nature. This is time well spent. This is productive, uplifting, renewing time. Become as intimately aware of the presence of God’s Spirit in your life as you were of the presence of your anxieties. Allow the greatness of God to outshine those pale shadows. Listen to God more than your fears. Keep turning down their volume every chance you get and turn up the voice of God. Real change is possible