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Overcoming a period of abuse, addiction, anxiety, or depression can seem like waking after a long and terrible nightmare. The images are in the past, but the effects are still very much in the present. At a time such as this, it is imperative to realize that God is still with you. In fact, he has never left you.

In the course of your recovery process, the time comes when you stop denying, excusing or avoiding the truth of your struggles. The ramifications of this period of your life may suddenly hit home, shaking you to the core. You might ask, “where was God when I was struggling?” The answer is found in Psalm 139—even in the midst of your struggles, God was there to guide you and hold you fast. In the darkness, God was able to see you clearly for who you truly were, not the person your struggles made you appear to be.

To allow God to reintroduce you to the person you really are, you must make a commitment to resist thinking of yourself in the murky, damaged light of your past. God has kept that shining core of yourself safe for all this time. Your restoration has always been His plan. It doesn’t matter how far you’ve been from this pure light, it is always possible for God to find you and bring you back to yourself. There is nowhere you can go that He cannot find you. For you are of His light.

As you reconnect with your true self and with God, expect the process to take time. You are shedding the old persona of your past, and are replacing it with a new understanding of who you are in God. This is a significant task and one that, quite simply, will take time. But the amazing thing about God is that He doesn’t wait for the end of the journey to bless you. Rather, His presence and His love will be with you all along the way. So commit to walking with Him as your guide, step-by-step, day-by-day.

How do you do this? Work on your relationship with God each day through prayer. Talk to him. Get to know His voice and His answers to your questions. Experience God through His Word. Come to understand your relationship with Him through what He has caused to be written. Connect with God’s Spirit. He is a dynamic, encompassing, divine Spirit. This is the Creator who made the universe out of nothing! Trust Him to support you during this period of recovery, and you will find peace.

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