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Are You Focused on the “Never Enoughs”?

Happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment are all words that are synonymous with contentment.  Excessities promise to provide it.  Yet excessities are firmly rooted in the if-then.  They promise that if you give in to them, then you’ll be happy, satisfied, or fulfilled...

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Downsize Your Stuff

At a certain point in my life, I came to realize that I didn’t so much own my stuff as my stuff owned me.  First of all, the more stuff I had, the more energy and effort I put into maintaining and housing the stuff.  Second of all, the more stuff I wanted, the...

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Accepting the Gift of Patience

Patience is a gift from God. We want the gift of patience, but often our problem is that we’re not really thrilled with how it’s packaged. Patience comes wrapped inside trials and hardships. God’s gift of patience is one He expects you to unwrap and use. I believe one...

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