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Healthy Childhood Foundations

  Childhood is a foundational stage for the molding of God’s champion in your home. How you view your child will become his or her dominant view of self. At this young age, your child uses your worldview as a filter for everything he or she sees. This may be...

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Dieting With God’s Support

Losing weight permanently requires a permanent resolution to the underlying uses of the past and present that cause people to use food as a crutch, and also cause their bodies to store nutrients as fat. However, people can’t always do this in their own strength, and...

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Releasing Denial and Finding Truth in Christ

The desire to go back and rewrite your past is seductive, especially if your past was one of abuse and pain. Denial allows you to do just that. Denial takes the pages of your past and alters them according to “if only’s,” or it substitutes blank pages for the pain...

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Life-Affirming Messages Amidst Depression

Depression, often described as a dark cloud descending, can fog a person’s ability to think clearly, and maintain a pure relationship with God. It’s easy for our thoughts to stray into dark corners of doubt and despair. Here are some profound affirmations to redirect...

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Overcoming Roadblocks to Forgiveness

Forgiving someone is never easy. It does not happen overnight, it is a process. Often it requires getting over the faulty beliefs and practices taught to you by the very people you are trying to forgive. Beware the need to punish. In your anger, you may withhold the...

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