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Addiction Treatment

The Center • A Place of HOPE specializes in treating all forms of addiction
– chemical, alcohol, prescription drugs, sex addiction, pornography, internet, gambling, and other addictions.

For over 30 Years The Center • A Place of HOPE’s Whole-Person, God-Focused Christian Addiction Treatment Programs Have Helped Thousands

The Center • A Place of HOPE’s Christian addiction treatment center utilizes the proven whole person approach the treatment. The results are profound. We don’t just treat the single issue alcohol abuse, or prescription drug abuse, or pornography addiction. We work with you to dig deeper into all of the facets of your life that have contributed to your current situation. Perhaps it is unhealthy relationships from early childhood, or an absent parent or strong role model. It might result from emotional, sexual or physical abuse. Frequently it is a combination of these and other factors.

But only by taking the time to get to know the whole you can we help heal the whole you – your mind, body and spirit.

We do this by assembling a world-class team of devoted and talented professionals who specialize in not just treating addictions, but doing it through a faith-based, whole person approach.

Mind. We do a number of discovery sessions to discover where you are emotionally, physiologically, and chemically. Are you depressed? Do you suffer from anxiety or stress? Are you taking medications and, if so, for what? Do you have mental strength and balance, or are you suffering from bouts of weakness, unsureness, sadness or confusion? Wherever you are, we figure out where you are now, and begin to put the building blocks in place to restore your mental strength and health.

Body. We work with you to strengthen your body by teaching what nutrients your body needs, and reinforcing that by creating balanced and delicious healthy meals. We provide a full medical exam to note any issues with your blood, blood pressure, cholesterol, teeth or other physical issues. If there are issues, our medical doctors work to provide lasting improvement for your situation. We note your incoming physical fitness and put in place exercises and regimens to get you to a healthier, stronger and more fit you.

Spirit. For those who seek a Christian track, The Center • A Place of HOPE provides highly skilled, ordained and licensed faith-based counselors to strengthen your spiritual walk and your relationship with God. Whole person care is built upon the premise that your spiritual well-being is the foundation upon which all other facets of your treatment find firm footing and thrive. We offer dedicated sessions for reflection, discovery, forgiveness and renewal…and prayer.

Addictions can destroy relationships, family bonds, jobs and even your health.  Left untreated, addictions will rarely just “go away”. In some cases, they can be life threatening.

But there is truly hope and healing with the help of God and the programs available at The Center • A Place of HOPE’s addiction treatment center. Our modern residential center and licensed professional counseling services address you as a whole person, and we put your faith front and center.

The Center • A Place of HOPE is proud to offer:

  • Christian-based alcohol treatment programs
  • Christian-based chemical dependency treatment program
  • Christian-based prescription drug treatment programs
  • Christian-based sex and pornography addiction treatment programs
  • Christian-based gambling treatment programs
  • Christian-based internet addiction treatment programs
  • Christian-based treatment for co-occurring issues
  • A whole-person approach to recovery that addresses the spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual, nutritional and relational aspects of your life
  • A calm, warm and comfortable environment with Christian counselors who truly care about you and your welfare
  • Ordained and licensed faith-based counselors and treatment specialists
  • Time built into your daily schedule to strengthen your spiritual walk and relationship with God


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Addictions can be debilitating. But fortunately they are absolutely treatable, and true recovery is possible. Don’t wait to begin your recovery. Regaining your happiness, freedom, balance – and your faith in God – can be your reality. The Center • A Place of HOPE offers a safe, supportive environment where you will receive compassionate, proven and lasting treatment for your addiction.

Our Christian-based treatment specialists have successfully treated thousands suffering from addictions. Not only do we get to the core or your issues – all of them – to ensure you are healed entirely, we help you grow in your spiritual walk and relationship with God.

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For over 30 year, The Center • A Place of HOPE has successfully treated thousands suffering from all forms of addiction. You can regain your life and your happiness. Let us help you begin the process today.