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“Grace is not about us; it’s about God. It’s not about who we are; it’s about who God is. We are not the focal point of God’s grace; God is. We are merely the recipients.” ~God Can Help You Heal by A Place of Hope Founder Gregory L. Jantz, Phd

Whether you’re struggling with shame of the past, fear of the present, or dread of the future, God’s grace allows you a reason to hope, as He forgives you all your sins — not because of who you are, but because of who God is.

God’s grace allows you to enter into relationship with Him.

No matter how committed you are to leading a Godly life, sin is inevitable. On the surface, this may seem a violation sure to corrupt your relationship with God, fearful you’ll never be good enough to deserve His love. But that is where the all-important grace of God comes into play, through which your every sin is forgiven — not because you’ve earned it, but simply because God wants you to have it. This understanding should replace fear, guilt, or shame with gratitude that frees you to deepen your relationship with God.

God’s grace allows you to put the past behind you.

We spend so much time reliving and regretting painful parts of the past — for the mistakes we’ve made and for the mistakes of others. However, while you may never forget, you can certainly find a way to forgive in light of the eternal forgiveness already extended you to, and others, by the grace of God.

God’s grace allows you to write the future.

Carrying around the burden of a sinful past makes it difficult to move freely into the future. God’s grace ensures your path forward is not only possible, but promising. Free from the guilt and shame of the past, you need not fear the future. While by no means a free pass to sin at will, the mistakes you do inevitably make will be forgiven.

God’s grace allows relationships to flow.

Knowing God forgives you the pain you cause others and, by the same token, forgives others the pain they cause you, this enables relationships to ebb, flow, and grow. After all, if no sin is too big for God to forgive, how can any sin be too big for you to forgive?

God’s grace allows you to be in control of any situation.

At any given time, on any given day, you may be faced with a situation in which you are challenged. No matter the circumstance, you do have a choice in how you react. God’s grace empowers you to embrace these challenges as opportunities to practice acceptance and forgiveness, of others and yourself.

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